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Passing-out ceremony of sepoys and drivers held at Hyderabad

Passing-out ceremony of sepoys and drivers held at Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: The ‘passing-out’ ceremony of newly recruited sepoys and drivers was held in Hyderabad. The staff has recently been recruited by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

It is the distinction of MCC Hyderabad being the only collectorate which took initiative and arranged a physical training programme for new recruits in collaboration with Hyderabad Police, and managed it from within its own available resources. The training spread over a period of six months which concluded with a passing-out on March 30, 2017.

Collector Agha Shahid Majeed Khan has presided over the ceremony of passing-out parade of newly recruited sepoys who have been given basic physical/military training by the Sindh police.

The collector addressed the new recruits and expressed his hope that the new force would infuse more energy into the collectorate and perform duties with bravery, dedication and commitment. The guest addressed the event and was also presented a special gift ‘Ajrak’ and a cap.

The new recruits, including 25 soldiers and drivers, sepoys named Babar Ali, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Zain Ahmed Khan, Naqash Udin, Zeeshan Shoukat, Faraz Ahmed, Nabi Bux, Anand, Muhammad Nawaz, Amir Ali, Majid Ali, Muhammad Ramzan, Abdul Sattar, Muhammad  Ramzan, Ahsan Nisar, Naveed Zaman, Akbar Ali, Farman-e-Mustafa, Syed Haider Ali Shah, drivers Fida Husain, Sarfaraz Hussain, Muhammad Bachal, Waqar Hussain, Ghulam Yaseen and Faran. Commendation certificates were awarded to Qazi Afzal, Commissioner, Hazoor Bux Laghari, Commissioner, Atif Ali, Commissioner, Dr Tariq Ahmed, Manzoor Ali Jokhio and all additional Commissioners (RTO) Hyderabad, MCC Hyderabad, Additional Collector  Rehmatulah Vistro (HQRS), Deputy  Collector Mushtaque Ali Shahani, Deputy  Collector Shahid Ali Abbasi, Superintendent Abu Muhammad Warsi (ASO), Superintendent Nadeem Ahmed Usmani, Aslam Pervaiz Abbasi, Superintendent, Nighat Jabeen, Superintendent (DTRE), Muhammad Yaqoob Pasha, Superintendent (Investigation & Prosecution) and statics and all other staff, participated in the ceremony. A luncheon was also served in honor of the guests at the end of the programme.