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Others opposed: APTMA advocates 5pc duty on yarn import

Others opposed: APTMA advocates 5pc duty on yarn import

KARACHI: All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Chairman Yasin Siddik vehemently demanded the imposition of a 5 percent import duty on cotton yarn, saying that huge imports of cotton yarn, especially from India, have been adversely affecting local industry.

He claimed that the APTMA had already approached the government to tackle the issue and, adding that as soon as Pakistan got GSP Plus status, India started heavily subsidising its textile sector. “This is why Indian yarn is fast making the local yarn uncompetitive in the Pakistani market.”

Yasin Siddik regretted that the yarn import into the country had rose drastically which had been posing a serious threat to the local industry.

Meanwhile, the value-added textile sector has already opposed the proposal of imposing a 5 percent duty on yarn import.

“We oppose and will continue to oppose this proposal because it will definitely give at least 5% profit to local spinners,” said Pakistan Apparel Forum Chairman Jawed Bilwani. “This will hurt the finished goods exports of the country.”

Mr Bilwani termed the APTMA’s concern unreasonable since it had earlier demanded the government to promote a free market mechanism in the country in 2010. The demand of levying a 5% duty on yarn import is against APTMA’s earlier stance, he added.

Producers of finished textile goods in the country oppose any import duty on yarn as it may increase their cost of production. They say an increase in the price of the local product would diminish chances of any jump in Pakistan’s export to the EU – something that the country expects to see after the GSP Plus status.

Apparently, yarn producers in Pakistan are feeling the heat of a continuous drop in the export of yarn to China — currently the biggest market for Pakistani yarn. Moreover, Indian subsidies to its textile industry are also reportedly hurting the interests of Pakistani yarn exporters in China.

Alternate Research recently reported that Chinese demand for Pakistani yarn fell towards the end of last year as the country reported a huge inventory of imported yarn. There were rumours that China is discontinuing its yarn procurement policy. This can hurt yarn exporters but, with the reduction in yarn demand from China, local yarn prices are expected to come down that may help the value-added sector in the country.

During the first 6 months (July to December) of fiscal year (FY) 2014, total textile exports of Pakistan stood at $6.9 billion against $6.4 billion in the first 6 months of FY13, showing a growth of 8%.

Pakistan exported textile products worth $13.1 billion in FY13, which was 53% of Pakistan’s total exports. The exports were higher than FY12 ($12.35 billion) but were still below the figure of FY11 when the country registered record high textile exports of $13.78 billion due to high cotton prices in the world market.