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OGDCL paid highest amount: FBR unfurls lists of top taxpayers

OGDCL paid highest amount: FBR unfurls lists of top taxpayers

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue has issued separate provisional lists of 400 top taxpayers in each category of companies, Association of Persons, salaried individuals and non-salaried individuals who will be entitled Taxpayer Privilege and Honour Cards.

According to the lists, Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) is the top corporate taxpayer, which paid the highest amount of tax of Rs36,963,745,646 in Tax Year 2013 followed by Pakistan Petroleum Limited with Rs15,404,269,282 and HBL with Rs11,786,705,153.

The lists issued by the FBR revealed that Tariq Nisar paid the highest amount of tax Rs189,910,478 within the category of salaried individuals. Other highest taxpayers within this category are Mohammad Naeem Mukhtar Rs159,149,750; Muhammad Waseem Mukhtar Rs158,858,269; Hassan Mansha Rs149,423,639; Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmed Rs147,855,957; Sohail Nisar Rs105,657,657; Khalil A Sattar Rs93,288,432; Anjum Nisar Rs80,983,805; Arif Habib Rs80,681,004 and Madiha Mehmood Moulvi Rs67,582,338.

Among the non-salaried individuals Irfan Usman remained on top of the list paying Rs749,008,253 as tax during this period. Other highest taxpayers within the category of non-salaried individuals are Wazir Ali Pardhan Rs210,332,864; Tariq Rafi Rs174,246,502; Muhammad Irfan Ghazi Rs117,179,385; Sh Jehanzeb Jilani Rs104,780,291; Abdullah A Hashwani Rs100,131,932; Sheikh Wajahat Ali Rs98,363,593; Farrukh Ijaz Rs96,964,775; Muhammad Akram Khan Panazai Rs95,509,632 and Iqbal Ahmad Qarshi Rs84,362,395.

The list of AOPs revealed that LTHJV is the top taxpayer with tax Rs496,882,503 during Tax Year 2013. Other highest taxpayers falling within the category are United Agro Chemical Rs464,893,376; LIMAK JV ZKB Rs424,226,717; Zahir Khan & Brothers Rs384,895,596; Chawla International Rs357,433,819; Advance Telecom Rs231,960,765; Kingcrete Builders Rs223,181,907; United Mobiles Rs217,779,874; Triple Tree Associates Rs210,177,344; and Descon-CCC Joint Venture Rs172,649,975.

Among the category of companies Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd is the top taxpayer with Rs 36,963,745,646. Other companies which paid highest amount of tax are Pakistan Petroleum Limited Rs15,404,269,282; Habib Bank Limited Rs11,786,705,153; Government Holdings (Private) Limited Rs10,756,321,121; Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited Rs9,898,049,256; MCB Rs9,589,120,400; Pakistan State Oil Company Limited Rs7,946,259,287; UBL Rs6,588,129,067; Pak-Arab Refinery Limited Rs6,213,915,419; ENI Pakistan Limited Rs5,145,178,569; Civil Aviation Authority Rs5,100,197,646; National Bank of Pakistan Rs4,486,609,700; Kot Addu Power Company Limited Rs3,916,656,945; BHP Petroleum Pakistan Pvt Limited Rs3,456,964,686; Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited Rs3,358,099,795; Bank Al-Habib Limited Rs3,197,816,366; Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Rs3,140,132,933; Pakistan Oilfields Limited Rs2,739,043,233; Kirthar Pakistan BV Rs 2,682,810,578 and Unilever Pakistan Limited Rs2,353,785,690.

On the other hand, the FBR released the lists after verification from the Large Taxpayer Units (LTUs) and Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) for issuance of Taxpayer Privilege and Honour Cards.

According to the FBR, as a part of Prime Minister Tax Incentive Package, Taxpayers’ Privilege and Honour Card Scheme was announced. The scheme has been notified and is available on the FBR website. Under the scheme, Privilege and Honour Cards are to be issued to 100 top taxpayers in each of the following categories: salaried individuals, non-salaried individuals, Association of Persons and companies.

The FBR has published a provisional list of such taxpayers. As per sub-para (4) of para 5 of the scheme, taxpayers are invited to file any representation or objection, latest by 16:00hours on February 28, 2014. Taxpayers (whose names are marked by * in the list) have outstanding, undisputed tax demand against them which makes them ineligible for the card. However, they may become eligible if they pay said demand before February 28, 2014.

Taxpayers, whose names appear after serial No 100 in any category will only be eligible for the card if taxpayers above them in rank (whose names are marked by * in the list) fail to pay outstanding, undisputed tax demand against them, the FBR added.

The holder of the card shall be entitled to and enjoy the following privileges: The facilities and privileges as provided at the VIP lounges of airports managed by Civil Aviation Authority excluding lounges managed and maintained by Airlines for their passengers; secondly, fast-track clearance at immigration counters; thirdly, issuance of gratis passport; fourthly, increase in baggage allowance from $500 to $5,000; fifthly, invitation for Annual dinner and Excellence Awards by the Prime Minister and invitation for ceremonies on 23rd March and 14th August.

The list has been compiled on the basis of the return or statement of final taxation fully paid and no arrear or current demand is outstanding against the individual the AOP, or the company, as the case may be, unless the said demand is disputed in any court or stayed by any court.