Thursday , September 24 2020
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ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chief commissioner inland revenue has directed all field formations of inland revenue to adopt precautionary measures due to outbreak of novel coronavirus.

The following measures need to be adopted to contain the spread of the virus in accordance with the directions of Federal Board of Revenue and Government of Pakistan:-

  1. Only bare minimum staff should attend the office.
  2. All Officials with cardiovascular conditions and diabetes should not attend the office.
  3. Officials with flu and fever should not attend the office.
  4. Visitors should not be allowed in the office. All visitors should be encouraged to talk on telephone to the concerned officers for which a list of phone numbers of the officers should be pasted at the entry points to the office.
  1. All offices to place Dettol Liquid, Dettol soap or any other medicated soap and if medicated soap is not available, any soap at the entry point to office and no one should enter the office without washing hands.
  2. All of us should avoid shaking hands and keep a minimum distance of one meter while interacting.
  3. Individual prayers should be offered and gathering of more than five people should be avoided.