Friday , October 30 2020
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Norway gas exports to Europe ease on Gullfaks outage

Norway gas exports to Europe ease on Gullfaks outage

OSLO: Norwegian gas exports to the rest of Europe fell on Monday from the previous session due to an unplanned outage at Norway’s Gullfaks field, data from gas system operator Gassco showed.

Gas flows to Europe were running at 339 million cubic metres per day (mcm/day) by 1025 GMT, down 2 mcm from volumes delivered on Friday. The outage at Gullfaks field was expected to reduce Norway’s gas production capacity by 6.7 mcm/day, and to last for 1-2 days, Gassco said.

The following table shows Norwegian gas pipeline flows, measured in mcm/day and the change from the previous session’s delivered volumes: Destination Real time Pvs business Change day (mcm) Britain 113 112 1 Germany & Netherlands 128 130 -2 France 54 54 0 Belgium 44 45 -1 Total 339 341 -2 NOTE: Real-time gas export figures are based on gas fed into the system at a certain time and calculated as a daily average.

Levels can vary throughout the day as producers adjust the amount of gas they export, according to changing nominations, or orders, from customers. Volumes for the previous business day show delivered gas.

Following is a summary of spot price settlements at European gas trading hubs: Gas hub March 11 March 10 NBP (UK) 12.90/29.30 12.86/29.50 TTF (Netherlands) 12.40 12.13 NCG (Germany) 12.75 12.20 Gaspool (Germany) 12.00 13.00 Zeebrugge (Belgium) 12.15 12.03 Peg Nord (France) 12.55 12.78 Trading Region South (France) 13.17 13.18 Oil-indexed prices* 16.78/21.71 16.78/21.71 NOTE: Prices are in euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), except for NBP (euros/MWh & p/th).