Sunday , June 7 2020
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New post of former secretary FTO frets many

New post of former secretary FTO frets many

ISLAMABAD: Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Abdul Rauf Chaudhry has appointed secretary FTO Abdul Khaliq as senior adviser and chief coordinator amid his retirement next month.
The FTO Abdul Rauf Chaudhry has introduced new post of chief coordinator in FTO office to adjust the secretary FTO who was leaving his office in August. Although the post of chief coordinator demands coordination between all FTO offices but jurisdiction of newly appointed chief coordinator officer has yet to be decided with FTO.
Moreover, during the recent seminar on “Paperless Environment” by FTO office, all participants appeared busy in discussing the new appointment and duties of chief coordinator FTO which were not yet clear.
The authorities of FTO office claimed that the awarding of Chief coordinator Post to Mr Abdul Khaliq was an admiration to his dedication to work.
On the other hand some officials show their concerns at new appointment as they believed the decision have been taken without any advice from senior officers. “The decision of appointment Mr Khaliq as chief coordinator is a clear refusal of Supreme Court orders biding government to avoid the appointment of retired government officers” they argued.