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Netherlands’ Rwanda business matching, stressing on economic progress

Netherlands’ Rwanda business matching, stressing on economic progress

AMSTERDAM: Rwandan Embassy in The Hague and Rwanda Development Board organized Rwanda Business Matchmaking Event taking place this Friday.

The Dutch Embassy in Kigali and the Rwanda Development Board, progressively forge commercial partnerships with Dutch firms.

With export oriented growth for local Rwandan businesses rising, the opportunity to benefit from insights by experienced international firms has increased.

Dutch companies have expressed a strong desire to establish firm business partnerships with Rwandan enterprises with a view to accelerate inclusive and sustainable growth.

In the current Rwanda Business Matchmaking, Major Business firms are expected to offer excellent knowledge and expertise in food, horticulture, infrastructure and logistics.

Thus, it is an excellent platform for Rwandan local and International businesses to build business partnerships with their Dutch counterparts; an opportunity to learn from both business sides.

Rwanda intends to develop a modern wholesale market in the Special Economic Zone to be known as the Kigali Wholesale Market for Fresh Produce. The Market for Fresh Produce is expected to create up to 2,000 jobs and occupy 10,000 square meters.

Rwanda  has recorded an increase  in  its remittances  back home in the past  years which  is mainly attributed to the Rwanda day events  that  aim to woe Rwandans  in Diaspora to  participate  in the  development of the  country; the Business Matchmaking is yet another vital Key.

According to the Rwanda Central Bank statistics; remittances inflow grew to $174 million in 2014 up from $50 million a few years back, showing an increase in the inflow. The economic move cites reasons to why Rwanda gains more International Trust in Business Sector.

The Central Bank and other Economic Experts believe that  an  increase  in remittances  is likely to  surplus the  aid the  country  gets  from development partners  by 2020.

Strategically positioned in the East and Central African region, Rwanda offers Dutch companies access to a market of over 120 million consumers.

The East African most potential country in a business context also offers an attractive environment to operate in or to run a business.

The Country supportively has a clear vision for growth through private investment set out by President Kagame (Vision 2020)

Radical reforms have made it easier for businesses to get credit, pay taxes, starting a business and have boosted Rwanda’s ratings in the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business Report’.

Rwanda is the 2nd most reformed country in the World, over six years, after Georgia (2005-2011). It came in 45th on the overall list, up from 58th last year.

In 2011, Rwanda introduced about reforms to ease doing business in the country. It now takes 1 day to start business compared to 45-days average on the African continent, and 13-days for the rich countries to start a business.

In 2012, the World Bank Doing Business report reflects Rwanda the 3rd easiest to do business in Africa after Mauritius, and South Africa; strengthening the point that Rwanda is the easiest country to do business in East Africa.