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Nawaz dissociates himself from Qatari letters

Nawaz dissociates himself from Qatari letters

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his disassociation with Qatari letters and documents submitted by his sons before Supreme Court and Joint Investigation Team on Panama JIT.

Nawaz said that the letters of Qatri prince were related to the Avenfield property and 12 million AED received from the sale of Gulf Steel Mills in 1980. His name was not mentioned on any document and he had also not been even part of any transaction in this regard, he further said. He said that 10 volumes of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was just an investigation report and it couldn’t be presented as evidence in trial court. He was not witness of any documents presented by the JIT except his tax record, he said.

While recording his statement before the Accountability Court in Al-Azizia Steel Mills Reference, Nawaz Sharif said that it was not correct to say that after exile, Sharif family run short of assets and had no money to start any business. The reality is that our father made arrangements for money and fulfilled basic needs and requirements of family members, said Nawaz Sharif.

In Thursday’s hearing, Nawaz Sharif provided answers to 45 questions in NAB Accountability Court as raised by the court in Al-Azizia Reference.

Responding to the queries of the court, Nawaz stated that Qatari letters were produced before the apex court through simultaneous petitions, adding that who produced these Qatari letters before Supreme Court would only provide reply appropriately.

He said that he had never been part of any transaction in any capacity. My name has not been mentioned in any document, said Nawaz. He also expressed his reservations on statements of Panama JIT Head Wajid Zia. Nawaz maintained that he was forced to exile from Pakistan back in 2000 along with his family and siblings. It was not first time back in 1999 that entire assets and properties of Sharif family were seized, he said, adding that in 1972, Ittefaq Foundry was nationalised. He was not even in politics at that time, said Nawaz, adding that even at that time, Sharif family was not given any compensation in exchange for Ittefaq Foundry.

Former PM Sharif also informed the Accountability Court that a different tale was told even on 1999 Martial law, adding that he would disclose the same if he got the opportunity. In 1999, all the record of businesses owned by Sharif family was seized by secret agencies. Complaints were also filed in relevant police stations but no action was taken, said Nawaz Sharif. During exile of Sharif family, NAB got custody of Sharif family residences illegally, said Nawaz.

He said Model Town residence of Sharif family was turned into old house. Ramzan Sugar Mills and Chuadhry Sugar Mills were allowed to operate for heinous objectives, Nawaz said, adding that Rs110 million and Rs5 million were withdrawn from Chaudhry Sugar Mills and Ramzan Sugar Mills, respectively.

He also said that after returning from exile, he went to the court against illegal activities of NAB. Lahore High Court annulled action of NAB, said Nawaz.

Later, the court adjourned the hearing with instructions for Nawaz Sharif to keep continue recording his statement before the Accountability Court in Al-Azizia Reference.