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NAB identifies Rs352m gap in Cheema’s income

NAB identifies Rs352m gap in Cheema’s income

LAHORE: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has identified a gap of over Rs352.165 million in the income and expenses of former director general Lahore Development Authority (DG LDA) Ahad Khan Cheema in a case of assets beyond means against him.

Cheema had the income of over Rs97.354 million during the period of 2001-18 through lawful means. However, his expenses during the period amounted to Rs449.511 million. In 2001, he had a total income worth Rs277,618 through different means and his expenditures were Rs46, 156. In 2002, his income rose to Rs336, 768 and expenditures upto Rs423, 721. In 2003, his income was Rs96,656 and expenditures were Rs568, 659. In 2004, his income was Rs106, 518 and his expenditures were Rs960, 736.

In 2005, his income rose to Rs2,663, 874 and his expenditures upto Rs574, 212. In 2006, his income rose to Rs2,453,416 and expenditures upto Rs502, 700. In 2007, his income was Rs3,033, 430 and expenditures were Rs1, 986, 884. In 2008, his income was Rs2, 427, 981 and expenditures were Rs4, 037, 856. In 2009, his income was Rs3,464,684 and expenditures were Rs1, 189, 198. In 2010, his income rose to Rs4,346,081 and expenditures to Rs1,035, 748. In 2011, his income was Rs6,440,873 and expenditures were upto Rs520, 736. In 2012, his income was Rs8,900,002 and expenditures were upto Rs1, 106, 471.

In 2013, his income was Rs15, 728, 914 and expenditures were upto Rs3, 738, 639. In 2014, his income was upto Rs16, 858, 964 and expenditures were Rs67, 548, 880. In 2015, his income was Rs11,814, 101 and expenditures were Rs22, 691, 245. In 2016, his income was Rs20, 425, 570 and expenditures were Rs213, 197, 949. In 2017, his income was Rs23,874,271 and expenditures were Rs123,980,045. In 2018, his income was Rs11,976,271 and expenditures were Rs16, 698,945.

From 2001-18, his total salary was Rs65, 354,522, his agree-income was Rs20,349,701,

wife’s income was Rs5,043,158 and money after selling house/plot/land was Rs7,106,667. While his total expenses during the period were Rs22,714,083 under the head of household expenditures, Rs337,813,676 for purchase of house/plot/land. He spent Rs22,546,450 for purchase of cars/vehicles, spent 55,680,000 rupees for investment/loan.

A day earlier, NAB had filed another reference, assets beyond means, against before an accountability court.

In the reference, it was revealed that Cheema had 22 properties registered against him or his family member’s name. The details of his properties included a plot in LDA Avenue, two plots in Bank Alfalah Employees Housing Society and 188 kanals 12 marlas and 123 kanals, 19 marlas of agricultural land in Bhaik Ahmad Yar, Hafizabad.

His properties also included three kanals of land against his name in village Karbath, Tehsil Cantt. While 14 kanals and seven marlas of land in the same village is registered against his family.

NAB has also unearthed a land of 48 kanals, 10 marlas in Model Town against his and his mother’s name. A flat in Hill Lock View Islamabad and a plot in Sector I-15 is also owned by the accused.

He also owned plots two plots in FIA Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Islamabad. His plots were also spotted in PHA Foundation. A plot of 10 marlas in Faisal Town, Islamabad and five marlas in Faisal Residentia Islamabad has also been found against his name. A plot of five marlas in Faisal Residentia and three kanals of land on Bedian Road has also been registered against his wife’s name.

The bureau had arrested the accused on February 15, 2018, for allegations of corruption in Ashiana-e-Iqbal Housing Scheme scam. During investigations, the assets of worth of billions of rupees were revealed. A reference against the accused for corruption of Rs660 million in Ashiana-e-Iqbal Housing Scheme case was filed on June 22, 2018.