Friday , November 15 2019
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Multan RTO issues tax notices to 120 luxury house owners
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Multan RTO issues tax notices to 120 luxury house owners

MULTAN: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Regional Tax Office has issued tax notices to 120 luxury house owners in the jurisdiction for the collection of their due their taxes.

According to details, Regional Tax Office gathered data of people owning luxury properties in Multan and its jurisdiction through survey. Tax authorities of Multan has analyzed all collected data after scrutiny for the broadening of tax net and started stern action against non-filers by issuing them tax notices.

The Regional Tax Office started action luxury house under benami law which aimed at the properties and bank accounts which were registered with the name of the real owner.

Sources told Customs Today that Regional Tax Office will not disclosed the  names of the owners of the benami properties which were being served notices.

Sources told that these people own lavish houses, valuable properties and they frequently travel foreign countries several times in a year and tax authorities has collected their travel history.

Tax authorities have collected data of their life style and expansive shopping in abroad.

Sources told Customs Today that Bilawal House of Multan has also allegedly issued tax notices as it has been constructed on 32 kanals and its construction is also unique. Tax authorities of Regional Tax Office has served tax notices to defaulters and accused will be given opportunity to defend them.

The Federal Board of Revenue is taking action against those luxury property owners who register their properties, bank accounts, or vehicles on other beneficiaries’ name in order to evade taxes.