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Multan Adjudication declares seizure of betel nuts as lawful

Multan Adjudication declares seizure of betel nuts as lawful

MULTAN: Collector Customs Adjudication Dr. Muhammad Adnan Akram issued Order-in-Original (ONO) declaring seizure of betel nuts as lawful.

According to the details, Multan Customs Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) raided a godown on credible information located in Basti Bhambhar Wala near Mauza Ali Wala after obtaining search warrants from Court and recovered almost 24300 kilograms of betel nuts which were packed in the 416 jute bags.

Customs staff detained betel nuts after taking into possession under section 2(kk) with section 17 ibid and notice under section 171 was also served to owner of warehouse. Customs staff seized said betel nuts after given time when no one appeared before the detecting agency and failed to provide any evidence in support of legal import or lawful possession of the recovered betel nuts.

However, despite the lapse of given period neither the above-said owner nor any other person appeared in the office of Multan Customs. Therefore, there are sufficient reasons to believe that the detained foreign origin betel nuts were non-duty paid and brought into the country in breach of the restrictions and prohibitions.

Responded of Counsel argued that seized betel nuts were purchased locally from Karachi and provided billties, purchase receipts in Customs Adjudication. It was observed by Customs Adjudication that respondent have provided only packing lists and billties prepared locally and no evidence was submitted during trial to prove that leviable duty and taxes had been paid on the seized foreign betel origin betel nuts.

After examining the whole record Collector Dr. Muhammad Adnan Akram concluded that seized betel nuts are smuggled one and they were brought into the country in a clandestine manner through an un-authorized route. Collector ordered to out rightly confiscate said betel nuts of 24300 kilograms in terms of Clause 89(i) of Section 156(I) of the Customs Act, 1969 as legal. Customs Adjudication Multan has also imposed penalty of Rs.500,000/- on owner of warehouse namely Tahir Pervaiz in Order-in-Original for dumping illegal betel nuts in his premises