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M/s Noorani Agency approaches SHC for issuing orders on acquittal petition

M/s Noorani Agency approaches SHC for issuing orders on acquittal petition

KARACHI: Muhammad Irfan of M/s Noorani Agency approached the Sindh High Court (SHC) and submitted petition for deciding his petition for acquittal under section 265k Cr. Pc booked in NAB reference for mega sales tax refund scam.

On 7 October 2019, counsel for the petitioner stated that petitioner was employed with M/s Noorani Agency as outdoor clerk, his boss asked him to open his own account in the bank for certain transactions for him through cheques or pay orders only. Being an employee in good faith he opened his account, neither he received nor issued any amount in cash, transactions were done by his owner under signature of the petitioner, through bank record.

He submitted that investigations were conducted regarding business, sales transaction and refund of sales tax, and reference no 25 of 2017 was filed against him, his owner and others accused persons and the petitioner was declared as absconder in the reference. Allegation was fixed that petitioner aided and abetted others in obtaining illegal sales tax refunds by signing flying sales tax invoices of M/s People Trading Company and layering suppliers fund through his bank accounts and returning back the same by theses suppliers accounts through pay orders shown as payments on behalf of M/s Al-Falah Impex, just to show fake compliance of section 73 of Sales Tax Act, 1990.

He further argued that main accused Anfal son of Abdul Wahid filed an application with the NAB with respect to plea bargain and accordingly the special prosecutor NAB filed application supported with reference of plea bargain made to the director general NAB Karachi for approval by the learned trial court, who disposed of the said application vide order dated 24/ 07/2019.

Counsel stated that petitioner filed an application under section 265K Cr Pc before the learned trial court which is pending before the trial court (NAB).

Citing Director General of NAB as respondents, petitioner pleaded the court may direct to NAB Court Karachi No 1, to decide early as possible his application for acquittal under section 265k Cr Pc.