Saturday , November 28 2020
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Federal Minister for Finance,

Ministry of Finance,

Government of Pakistan,




The Chairman,

Federal Board of Revenue,

Government of Pakistan,




With ailing economy which until recently was in doldrums and touched alarming heights of crises, and in the backdrop of government’s stringent move to revive and put it on track, we think it is imperative and high time to bring to lime light, the glaring omissions that prevail in one of the chief revenue generating organizations of the state – Customs.

Is there any denying the fact of rampant corruption, irregularities and reign of indiscipline everywhere including Pakistan Customs, thus denting the very platform being set up by the government through FBR to generate revenue.

In general the manufacturers and exporters or for that matter the business community of Pakistan are main stakeholders in the business being scrutinized and supervised by the Customs. With some exception willingly or otherwise, it is not only that they are making significant contribution in generating revenue through paying duties and taxes, but more importantly helping government earn much needed foreign exchange by exporting their value added products throughout the world, besides providing thousands of jobs for skilled & unskilled workers in the most trying and difficult situation, given the energy and fuel crises persist in the country, which indeed is commendable.

The Customs House, belonging to a country engulfed with multi prone gigantic problems including shattered economy, cannot afford the luxury of observing Saturdays as holidays which, as an end result, would only multiply the woes, obviously not only for the stakeholders but also for the country at large thus putting a bar on government’s efforts to boost economy and bring relief to the sufferings of people of the country. Needless to mention that closed Saturdays put a break on all business activities. This results in the goods to go into demurrage. As can be ascertained, growth of the economy is severely jolted for these holidays which, as mentioned above, are a sheer luxury for a state which should rather be on war footing in uplifting the dwindling economy of the country.

State Bank

Inter-alia, the banks have a big role to play and need to be on the move to keep the momentum up. State Bank, in this connection, should notify all the banks to remain open on Saturdays to facilitate and speed up business activities. This is the requirement of all trading houses and we request the authorities concerned to kindly consider this.

Your indulgence into the affairs and immediate move to have the request implemented will pace up things considerably in reviving economy.


Thanks and best regards

A. Hashim,