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MCC Enforcement-South confiscates contrabands worth Rs68m in Feb

MCC Enforcement-South confiscates contrabands worth Rs68m in Feb

KARACHI: Under the dynamic leadership of the Chief Collector of Enforcement (South) Muhammad Yahya, MCC Enforcement has seized smuggled goods worth Rs 68,046,928 in the month of February 2014.

MCC Enforcement-South has confiscated vehicles, motorcycles, tyres/tubes, diesel, grease, motor oil, plastic drums, gas cylinders, air-conditioners, cloth, auto-parts, black-tea, carpets, Samsung Volvo excavator, electronic appliances, cigarettes, gutka, naswar, liquor, beer, charas, heroin and gold from different collectorates including MCC-Preventive, MCC-Quetta, MCC-Gwadar and MCC-Hyderabad.

MCC Enforcement-South has confiscated 19 vehicles worth Rs 18,350,000; 66,000 litres of diesel worth Rs 4,990,990; 960 kg of grease worth Rs 1,440,000; 500-litres of motor oil worth Rs 105,000; five motorcycles worth Rs 216,000; 216 plastic drums of Rs 162,100; 536 tyres/tubes worth Rs 2,433,250; 70 gas cylinders worth Rs 440,000; 36 air-conditioners worth Rs 1,080,000; 70,279-yards of cloth worth Rs 5,201,764; 1423 kg of auto parts worth Rs 11,790,785; 2,312 kg of Black Tea worth Rs 647,360; 1,460 kg of carpets worth Rs 389,995; Samsung Volvo excavator worth Rs 6,000,000; 6221 pieces of electronics worth Rs 3,376,664; 10-cartons of cigarettes worth Rs 210,000; 62,400 pouches of gutka worth Rs 936,000; 22,500 sachets of ‘naswar’ of Rs 225,000; 1,005 bottles of liquor costing Rs 2,849,700; 14 cans of beer worth Rs 8,200; 2 bottles of Chivas Regal worth Rs 10,000; one bottle of ST-Remy Brandy worth Rs 5,000; 110 kg of charas worth Rs 6,600,000 and miscellaneous goods worth Rs 579,120 during anti-smuggling activities.

MCC Enforcement-South was determined to continue its activities against smugglers and drug peddlers to clean the country from contraband items.