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M/s Kausar Ghee Mills moves SHC against demand of non-utility fees of Rs4m

M/s Kausar Ghee Mills moves SHC against demand of non-utility fees of Rs4m

KARACHI: M/s Kausar Ghee Mills Pvt Ltd has approached The Sindh High Court (SHC) against demand of non-utility fees Rs4 million issued by Director Industrial Management Development Secretariat Port Qasim Authority Karachi.

On 18 August 2020, counsel for the petitioner stated in his constitutional petition that plot No G-11 measuring 10 acres of land situated in Eastern Industrial Zone (EIZ) of Port Qasim Authority was leased out by PQA to M/s Abbas Steel Industries Ltd for period of 50 years and Industrial Management Department of PQA vide its letter dated 21-09-2016, the respondents approved transfer of lease deed hold rights in favor of the petitioner.

He argued that after transfer letter, petitioner started construction built dated June 03, 2019 and under protest, paid Rs2,000,000 as non-utility fees to the respondents for the billing year 2018-2019, however, respondents issued challan dated Sep 26, 2019 for billing year 2019-2020 demanded the annual line rent Rs738,730. Annual maintenance charges Rs738,730 and NUF Rs4,000,000.

He further submitted that annual line rent and maintenance charges were paid by the petitioner on Oct 11, 2019 but NUF was not paid because it was not due against the petitioner.

Counsel stated that due to non-payment of NUF, the respondents are passing threats to cancel the lease of above said land in the name of the petitioner and also to forcibly stop constructions/ installation of machinery over the suit plot on the ground that constructions were not carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of transfer of lease hold rights.

Citing sectary Port Qasim Authority and director Industrial Management Development Secretariat as respondents, petitioner pleaded the court to declare that act of the respondents is illegal, mala fide and arbitrary.

He further pleaded the court may restrain them from taking any coercive action against the petitioner till final order in this petition.