Tuesday , July 7 2020
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LOT launches new marketing campaign in Hungary

LOT launches new marketing campaign in Hungary

The Polish carrier offers flights to 12 destinations from the Hungarian capital, including long-haul connections with the United States and South Korea.

The first edition of the airlineʼs “Be Our Guest” campaign, recognized with the Effie award, focused on showcasing the professionalism of LOT crews, attaching great attention to the safety, comfort and convenience of passengers during the flight.

In its current campaign, LOT has taken into consideration a survey related to travel-related preferences, conducted by Kantar Polska.

An in-depth analysis of its results has led to choosing the main characters of the TV spots, representing three different customer segments: a family traveling to the United States with two children; a young couple on a journey to Asia and Australia with a layover in Singapore, and a businessman for whom air travel is just a regular commute to work.

“The latest commercials focus on promoting our services, with a particular emphasis placed on those aspects that passengers consider to be important when selecting the airline and purchasing the ticket, namely product-related attributes and a transparent offering,” says Dorota Bratowska-Świacka, marketing director at LOT.

The airline says that in the case of long-haul flights, customers focus primarily on luggage included in the price of the tickets, hot meals, beverages and snacks offered during the flight, and the in-flight entertainment system.

Central locations
In the case of European routes, among other factors, they pay attention to the central location of airports, a factor enabling business passengers to quickly and comfortably move to downtown areas of their destinations.

Some 94% of respondents say that affordable pricing and a transparent offering are the most significant factors that encourage passengers to purchase tickets from a specific carrier. Passengers react negatively to hidden or additional fees that in many cases considerably increase the price of the ticket.

“We are an international company that is currently selling tickets on over 60 markets worldwide,” adds Bratowska-Świacka.

“Our marketing activities focus primarily on supporting those sales. The objective is achieved by campaigns promoting the LOT brand abroad and presenting an offering that is tailor-made to the needs of both private and business passengers.”