Monday , September 21 2020
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LESCO asked to ensure subsidised electricity for exporters

LESCO asked to ensure subsidised electricity for exporters

LAHORE: The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has asked the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) to revise power tariff to the already approved 7.5cents per Kwh.

In a letter to LESCO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mujahid Pervaiz Chatha, APTMA Punjab Chairman Adil Bashir stated that the association members located in and around Lahore had received electricity bills which included all surcharges (quarterly tariff adjustments etc.) in addition to 7.5 cents per Kwh.

The due date for the payment of bills was March 24.

He recalled that the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), in its meeting held on March 11, accorded approval to the Power Division’s summary that advocated electricity tariff at 7.5cents per Kwh (all-inclusive) for the electricity consumers falling in export sectors, including textiles.

“Demanding any amount in addition to the tariff of 7.5c/Kwh is not only unjustified but is also contrary to the aforementioned decision of the ECC,” Bashir maintained.

He feared that billing of the amount over and above 7.5cents per Kwh would further aggravate the financial position of the textile industry, which was already faced with tremendous financial constraints due to the global recession in the aftermath of Covid-19.

“Therefore, it is requested that the matter may be taken up with the concerned ministry immediately and the electricity bills of the current month be revised before the last date of payment in accordance with the aforementioned ECC decision.

He further requested that the already paid surcharges may be credited and adjusted against the liability of the current bills.

“It will be appreciated if the needful is done at the earliest convenience to avoid any further intricacies for our members,” Bashir added.