Sunday , February 23 2020
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LCCI hails PCSIR role for development of Pakistan

LCCI hails PCSIR role for development of Pakistan

LAHORE: President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Almas Hyder has said that role of research institutions is crucial for creating a vibrant economy therefore they should work vigorously for Pakistan’s development.

He was talking to the Chairman PCSIR Dr. Shahzad Alam here at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The LCCI Vice President Fahim-ur-Rehman Sehgal, former President Sohail Lashari, former Senior Vice President Amjad Ali Jawa, former Vice President Zeshan Khalil and Executive Committee Members also spoke on the occasion. Chairman PCSIR gave a brief presentation about the establishment of Science, Technology & Innovation Park.

The LCCI President Almas Hyder said that Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research and various other institutes established in 50s and played a proactive role for development of the country but their role squeezed with passage of time and posed economic challenges for the country. He expressed the optimism that Chairman PCSIR will exploit his rich experience for a mega positive change in this institution. The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry is ready to support PCSIR in this regard. He further stated that projects of The Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research should be commercialized.

The Chairman PCSIR Dr. Shahzad Alam said that the department was in a bad state-of-affairs when he assumed the charge. Total earning of the department was less than 100 million and  total budget for Research and Development Department of PCSIR was just Rs.11000. But now the condition is totally different and credit goes to teamwork. He said that earning, which was less than Rs.100 million has been boosted to over Rs.500 million. He said that PCSIR is handling 48,000 jobs from different departments while is also consultancy services of over Rs.200 million. “We are working on need-based R&D and providing 32 chemicals to the Defense sector.

While giving presentation, Chairman PCSIR informed the participants about the establishment of Science, Technology & Innovation Park. He said that Science, technology and innovation is the most important aspect and has brought tremendous improvements around the world by becomming a massive power for the development of a country.

By grouping the three gears science, technology and innovations knowledge-based economy in the country can further develop. The establishment of Science, Technology and Innovation Park (STIP) is the need of the time. He said that the idea of Science and Technology Park had been taken from Chinese model, which had entirely changed the face of Chinese economy and it had been transformed into a new, dynamic and vibrant economy of the world.

He further said that PCSIR is establishing the innovation park at the Pakistan scientific and industrial research Labs Complex, with an endeavor to develop an environment that will rouse research, creativity, innovation, technology development, entrepreneurship and commercialization in Pakistan. He stated that upon completion of STIP, this model Park would promote the concept of “Knowledge-based Economy” in the country.

He added that establishment of (STIP) is a widespread project through which multiple opportunities are welcoming the youth to utilize their keen interest in the domain of industry-academia practically and to bring sensation in the career as well as in the country’s economic development.

He said that initially 15 to 20 industries would be provided space and facilities in the park while, in later phase, more industries could also be accommodated.