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Large scale irregularities in seizure register, official gets stricter

ISLAMABAD: Taking strict notice of the large scale anomalies and irregularities in the seizure register, Deputy Director Admin of Customs Intelligence, (Headquarters) Islamabad, Dr Muhammad Nasir has impeded any kind of amendment in the seizure register after the first entry without permission of the officers concerned.

In a detailed official order issued by the office of Deputy Director Admin Dr Muhammad Nasir, it is mentioned that irregularities of serious nature have been found in the seizure register which are identifiably intentional and are established corrupt actions.

The seizure register contains the record of confiscations of smuggled items and goods that are confiscated due to non-payment of customs duty and other taxes. The official order explained that it has been found to be tampered through cutting the record, overwriting, erased with whiteners, rewritten, etc.

Through the use of various methods, either the record has been changed or attempts to change it are being made.

Dr Muhammad Nasir has said that the record will not be altered again after the first entry. If necessity arrives high officials will be made known of the need. If the official concerned will deem it essential, the change will be made accordingly.

According to the order, anyone found short of following the order will be held accountable on charges of corruption and bad intentions. Responsible staff will have to face disciplinary official action.

Copies of the aforementioned official order have been forwarded to all other offices concerned.

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