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KPT ships movement, cargo handling report Sept 18
Container ships wait to be unloaded at the Port of Oakland on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, in Oakland, Calif. The U.S. trade deficit rose in January to the highest level since October 2008, defying President Donald Trump's efforts to bring more balance to America's trade with the rest of the world, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

KPT ships movement, cargo handling report Sept 18

KARACHI: Following were the movements of ships and cargo handling at the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) during the last 48 hours, ending at 0700 hours on Wednesday.

SHIPS BERTHED: Irenes Reliance Container Ship Gulf Coast Tanker KMTC Dubai Container Ship ER Felixstowe Container Ship SHIPS SAILED: X Press Annapurna Indus Dolphin M.T Quetta

CARGO HANDLING TURNOVER: The total cargo handled at Karachi Port during the last 24 hours closed at 137,188 metric tons.

The breakup shows that the Port has handled 37,453 metric tons of export cargo and 99,735 metric tons of import cargo during the said period.

Commodity-wise handling in metric tons is given below:

COMMODITY: IMPORT: EXPORT: TOTAL: Containers 50,749 37,253 88,002 Bulk Cargo, 200 200 Clinkers Rock Phos 8,600, 8,600 Oil/Liquid Cargo 40,386 40,386