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KPT shipping intelligence report Feb 20
Container ships wait to be unloaded at the Port of Oakland on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, in Oakland, Calif. The U.S. trade deficit rose in January to the highest level since October 2008, defying President Donald Trump's efforts to bring more balance to America's trade with the rest of the world, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

KPT shipping intelligence report Feb 20

KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) issued the following shipping report for the last 24 hours, ending 0700 hours on Thursday.

ALONG SIDE (Bulk Oil Pier)

OP-II Al Salam-II D. Jet Oil Wilhelmsen 20/02/20

ALONG SIDE (East Wharves):

1 Sky Ploeg L. Ethanol East Wind 18/02/20

10/11 Hercules D. Meal Alpine 15/02/20

11/12 Senanur Cebi D. Clinkrs Crystal Sea 20/02/20

13/14 Bao Glory L. Gen. Cargo Sea Hawks 19/02/20

14/15 Belfort D. Coke Wilhelmsen 17/02/20

16/17 Polo D. L. Cnt. Golden 20/02/20


8/9 Coral Star D. L. Cnt. East Wind 18/02/20

ALONG SIDE(South Wharf):

SAPT-3 GSL Eleni D. L. Cnt. Marsk-Pak 20/02/20

SAPT-4 Athenian D. L. Cnt. Hapag Llyd 19/02/20

ALONG SIDE(West Wharves):

Berth Vacant….


28/29 Cosco Rotterdam D. L. Cnt. Cosco 18/02/20



Cosco Malaysia COSCO 20/02/20 Not Sched 1000 Cnt.1000 Cnt.

Jeju Island Universal 20/02/20 Not Sched 1000 Cnt.1000 Cnt.

Mol Grandeur OC-Network 20/02/20 Not Sched 1100 Cnt.1000 Cnt.

Cscl Sydney COSCO 22/02/20 Not Sched 1000 Cnt.1000 Cnt.

Kota Kaya P-Delta 24/02/20 Not Sched 300 Cnt. 300 Cnt.

Kota Karim P-Delta 02/03/20 Not Sched 300 Cnt. 300 Cnt.


Amber Beverly Sea Hawks 20/02/20 Not Sched 13,739 G.c Nil

Liberty Peace Al Hamd 18/02/20 Not Sched Nil 01 Cnt.


Grand Aurora GAC 22/02/20 Not Sched 11 Units Nil

Violet Ace Dynamic-Sh. 24/02/20 Not Sched 62 Units Nil


Bao Grand Crystal Sea 20/02/20 Not Sched Nil 56,500

Grace Ever Green 26/02/20 Not Sched Nil 34,400


BW Amazon GAC 20/02/20 Not Sched 52,254 Gasoline Nil

Karachi PNSC 19/02/20 Not Sched 73,000 Crude Oil Nil


Vessel Name Type Agent expected Berth No. Arrival date Arrival

Time Remarks

Sm Osprey Oil Tanker GAC — 15/02/20 05:54 –

Khairpur Oil Tanker Alpine — 17/02/20 12:30 –

Liana Oil Tanker East Wind — 19/02/20 19:00 –