Monday , June 1 2020
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KPT adheres to govt allocated quota rules

KPT adheres to govt allocated quota rules

KARACHI: Karachi Port Trust (KPT) administration has said that being a federal government entity the organization adheres to allocated quota rules.

According to the details, reacting over the concern raised in social media regarding the recent publication of Karachi Port Trust (KPT) recruitment ads in daily newspapers, about absence of quota for urban Sindh, particularly Karachi, the administration has issued a counter statement.

The administration has stated that the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) being a federal government entity has to adhere to the federal government allocated quota rules for the recruitment of personnel against the requisite vacancies.

The approved quota of Sindh province vide federal government directive issued by Establishment Division is 19pc. Forty percent this 19% quota is for Sindh Urban and 60pc is for Sindh rural, added the KPT administration.

Presently Sindh Urban employees strength in KPT is 3269 employees out of 4155 as against 789 sanctioned quota share. Concerns are frequently raised by honorable members of National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan regarding non-representation of different regions as per the approved quota while making recruitment in KPT.

The existing disparity and anomaly in adherence of government allocated quota at KPT also gets frequently raised by various other stakeholders including committees of National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan.

Therefore, KPT in light of federal government directives on the subject issue, advertised the vacancies keeping in view the shortfall of various federation units/provinces. As per directives of the federal government policy, KPT as a federal entity has to follow the same in letter and spirit.