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Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi elected chairman Multan Dry Port Trust

MULTAN: Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi elected as Chairman Multan Dry Port Trust and Malik Asrar Ahmad Senior Vice Chairman and Sheikh Muhammad Akbar vice Chairman for the year 2019.

The announcement of new office-bearers was made during a meeting of the Board of Trustees held under Chairman Khawaja Muhammad Faazil at Multan Dry Port.

Newly elected Chairman Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi addressed the Multan Dry Port Trust Members that he would provide same clearing facilities of Karachi port to importers and exporters at Multan Dry Port which will bring prosperity in the region. Announcing his priorities, he said that he would try his optimum to upgrade the services of Multan Dry Port and boost exports and imports of South Punjab.

He said that Multan Dry Port will open new doors for the business community of South Punjab by facilitating exporters and importers. He praised the efforts of former Chairman Khawaja Muhammad Faazil and his team who took special attention for the establishment of Sadiqabad Export Terminal to facilitate exporters of Rahim Yar Khan, Sadiqabad and its adjoining areas.

He stated that Sadiqabad export terminal has been fully operational after installation of WeBOC clearing system and exporters will take benefit from top clearing services of Multan Dry Port Trust.

He informed that Multan Dry Port Trust is making efforts to connect Multan Dry Port with Sher Shah Railway station to cut the cost of high freight charges and management of Railway and Divisional Superintendent Railway Multan are in close contact for the establishment of Sher Shah bonded cargo station which will clear import shipments from Karachi to Multan. Sher Shah Railway Project will facilitate importers and exporters in nominal freight charges through their cargo bonded services.

Establishment of multi-mode transport hub at Sher Shah will enhance the handling of import and export shipmenta by reducing the clearing cost of shipments and it will facilitate the importers and exporters at their doorstep.

He said that he would resolve all the issues of the exporters and importers by delivering maximum facilities to them and he thanked all members for electing him as Chairman Multan Dry Port Trust

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