Sunday , May 31 2020
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Karachi faces shortage of containers

Karachi faces shortage of containers

KARACHI: Importers and Exporters are facing acute shortage of containers which is also effecting the business of the traders.

According to the details, the sudden shortage of the containers have started effecting the businesses of the traders whereas the importers as well as the exporters have expressed serious concern over the looming situation which may also hit the country’s economy.

The spokesman of the Goods Transporters informed Customs Today that more than ten thousand of containers have been taken into the custody by the administration and the police which has caused shoratge of the containers in the metropolitain city.

Several containers are loaded with different food items along with medicines are in the custody and they may be used for the blocking the passage of the protesters of the Azadi March willing to move Islamabad the capital of the country against the demands that have been raised, informed a source.

The containers captured by the authorities must be released as soon as possible to avoid shortage of the eatable items as well as medicines within the city. If the containers are not released then the food items present in the containers may also get expired and it will not be able for human use, stated the spokeman of the transporters.

The containers present under the custody of the police as well as the administration were used for the different cities of the country once they are loaded in Karachi with food items and the valuable medicines.

it is pertinent to mention here that if the containers are not released as soon as possble then the both ports, Karachi Port Trust (KPT) and Port Muhammad Bin Qasim (PQA) of the metropolitain city Karachi may also face shortage of the containers due to which shipping activities will also be effected.