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Karachi Customs Agents Alliance wins all MMC seats

Karachi Customs Agents Alliance wins all MMC seats

KARACHI: Twelve out of thirteen members who were contesting elections on the seats of Members Managing Committee (MMC) of the Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) for the annual year 2013-14 through platform of Karachi Customs Agents Alliance have declared victorious.

According to the official results, 12-member managing committee of KCAA comprising Abul Hasan Chokshi, Adeel Arshad Vohra, Akhtar Ali Sherwani, Ghulam Mustafa, Mirza Athar Baig, Mirza Muhammad Shariq, Muhammad Asghar Abbasi, Sagheer Shah, Saleem Ahmed Abbasi, Shaikh Waqas Anjum, Shoaib Jawed Savul and Tahir Hussain secured 303 votes, while Muhammad Waseem, who contested elections in order to get place in MMC of KCAA secured only 30 votes which were considered as cancelled. Total 363 votes were cast altogether.

Three polling booths and three counters were set up in the office of the Karachi Customs Agents Association for voting purposes.

The oath-taking ceremony of the office-bearers and the members of KCAA Managing Committee would be held on 30th September on Monday at 3.00pm in Beach Luxury Hotel.

Former President KCAA Saifullah Khan said that the Association does not allow any member to contest elections for personal gains.

“We don’t accept any blackmailing tactic from any of the members at such prestigious platform (i.e. the elections of KCAA)”, Khan added.

He informed that a KCAA delegation had met with Muhammad Waseem, a day before elections and requested him to withdraw his nominations from the seat of KCAA MMC, but he refused to do so and now after the elections it is clear that nefarious designs and malafide intentions could not succeed.

Whereas, Muhammad Waseem said that arrangement of contestants was incorrect in ballot paper. He has registered his complaint in this regard to the Election Commission, he added.