Thursday , October 22 2020
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Journalist community of Peshawar demands action against Maersk Line

Journalist community of Peshawar demands action against Maersk Line

PESHAWAR: The journalists based in Peshawar condemned threatening of media persons by Maersk Shipping Line.

Customs Today which exposed the sales tax fraud of M/s Maersk Shipping Line and taking of extra detention and dummerage charges from importers bu the company.

The senior journalist based in Peshawar Rahim Ullah Yusufzai expressed that government needs to support media people and provide them security in time. The threatening calls given to media persons after exposing billions of rupees scam should be investigated properly.

President Peshawar Press Club Alamgir Khan, General Secretary Shahab Khan along other office bearers not only condemned the threatening calls given to media but also demanded action to be taken against M/s Maersk Shipping Line.

The Jamrud Press Club Landi Kotal Press Club also condemned the calls given to Customs Today for unearthing billions rupees scam on the hands of few shipping lines.

The journalists demanded that due to fraud done by marriage now they given calls to journalists to stop reporting against them and provide legal cover to their tax fraud scam.

The media persons also said that security agencies must provide complete detail of the threatening calls given to journalists associated with Customs Today and this should be stopped at once.

They reminded that previously Asad Kharral was injured by such suspicious people on which FIR is also on the record but no steps were taken to arrest the accused people in the FIR.

The press members added that government should act upon the reports brought to limelight by media. The media persons will record protest against Maersk shipping line if they did not change their behavior.

It is pertinent to mention here that more than 30 media houses including TV channels and newspapers, a large number of chambers of commerce and leading businessmen have raised the issue of blackmailing and threatening by the shipping line Maersk and its subsidiary M/s Maersk Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd and demanding heavy amounts of illegal demurrage and detention charges from genuine importers.

After the media and chambers expressed their concern on sheer violation of rules and regulations by the shipping line, Maersk started threatening media through unscrupulous persons and letters written by unknown persons, without signatures and proper designations but put on Maersk letter heads, to hush up the Rs 15 billion demurrage and detention scam.