Saturday , March 6 2021
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Islamabad to become secured city for business and investment:  IG Police

Islamabad to become secured city for business and investment:  IG Police

ISLAMABAD” Islamabad Safe City Project will be launched soon to make Islamabad a safe, secured and business and investment friendly city. 1890 security cameras will be installed in Islamabad having face recognition and vehicle numbers reading features to nab any suspect person. After installation of these cameras, many police check points will be removed and check points will be kept only in red zone areas. This was observed by Mr. Tahir Alam Khan, Inspector General Police, Islamabad while addressing business community at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He said a survey of urban areas has been done in Islamabad in collaboration with NADRA and in the next phase, survey of rural areas will be done to develop a database of all citizens. This survey will help in controlling crimes and establishing peace. He said 99 Field Incharges have been deployed in Islamabad to monitor security situation while 113 police officials have been deployed in various markets to improve security situation. However, he added that more police force will be increased for security of markets. He said Islamabad Police has to provide security to VVIP, VIPs, diplomats and other important dignitaries. Moreover, whenever an incident happens anywhere in the country, protest is launched in Islamabad and this trend has increased challenges for Islamabad Police.

He announced a Committee comprising representatives of Police and ICCI to discuss and resolve problems of business community. He nominated Mr. Jamil Hashmi SSP and SSP 15 from Police for said Committee and asked ICCI to nominate its members so that Committee could start working. He said in collaboration with ICCI, Reconciliation Committees will be reshuffled and business community will be given proper representation in such Committees. He said 3 years consistent members of ICCI will be issued special cards so that they could not be stopped at police check points and be treated properly. He assured that except for terrorism, dacoities and thefts, ICCI and concerned market union will be taken on board before initiating action against any trader. Highlighting the performance of Islamabad Police, he said compared to the period from January to May 2014, murders have decreased by 28 percent, robberies by 44 percent, general thefts by 31 percent, burglaries by 32 percent, car thefts by 26 percent and motor cycles theft by 37 percent during the period from January to May 2015.

In his welcome address, Muzzamil Hussain Sabri, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry highlighted various security related issues of business community, He said security threats have increased for business centers including Centaurus and police should ensure better security arrangements for markets. He said Citizen Police Liaison Committee should be revived in Islamabad and Reconciliation Committee should be reshuffled with proper representation of business community. This arrangement will help in resolving 70 percent problems of trade and industry.

ICCI Group leader Abdul Rauf Alam stressed upon the government to allocate more funds to make Islamabad Police most modern police of the country and to bring it at par with international standards. Tariq Sadiq, Mian Akram Farid, Muhammad Ejaz Abbasi, Khalid Malik, Malik Sohail Hussain, Sarfraz Haider, Ch. Riasat, Ch. Irfan, Khalid Mian and representatives of various markets also highlighted issues of trade and industry and offered suggestions for redress of the same.