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Irish business associations around the world

Irish business associations around the world

Join IrishCentral this July as we pay tribute to the #InternationalIrish who are breaking the mold, smashing glass ceilings, and emerging as the next generation of global thinkers and leaders.
We take a look at Irish business associations around the world who play pivotal roles in strengthening the bonds between the adopted nations of the Irish diaspora and their ancestral home of Ireland.

These groups foster longstanding relationships between business people of Irish heritage and encourage bi-lateral business opportunities, trade, and investment.

Irish business associations in the United States
The economic relationship between the United States and Ireland traditionally followed the allure of lineage and a strong desire by Irish Americans to re-invest in Ireland.

The US is Ireland’s largest trade partner after the UK with many US companies taking advantage of Ireland’s well-educated workforce and low corporate tax rate by locating their European headquarters there.

How many US companies are located in Ireland?
According to the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland, there are 700 US companies now located in Ireland employing 155,000 people.

US firms indirectly support a further 100,000 jobs in the Irish economy, in total accounting for 20% of employment in Ireland.

Ireland has benefited from over $387bn in direct foreign investment from the US – gaining more from American firms than Brazil, Russia, India, and China combined.

How many Irish companies are located in the US?
There are now over 700 Enterprise Ireland client companies exporting to the US, with 440 companies employing over 81,000 people in their US operations, across all 50 states.

The total number of people employed in the US by Irish affiliated entities is over 100,000. Most of this number is represented by a few companies like CRH and Kerry Group.

Ireland Chamber of Commerce – USA
For over 30 years the Ireland Chamber of Commerce-USA (ICCUSA) has promoted trans-Atlantic business development, trade missions, educational initiatives and philanthropy from the United States to Ireland while also improving relations and connecting companies around the world.

The ICCUSA provides value to its corporate and individual members through ample networking events and educational forums throughout their chapters in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

The group also has strategic partnerships with Chambers Ireland – Ireland’s largest business organization – and 60 member chambers representing over 13,000 businesses throughout the island.

In addition, ICCUSA also has a close partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. which has over 4 million members worldwide.

Irish Business Association
With 1.3 million New Jersey residents claiming Irish descent – a group of New Jersey business professionals launched the Irish Business Association (IBA) in 2008 to promote business relationships and personal interaction within the Irish-American business community in New Jersey.