Saturday , December 5 2020
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Investor sentiment hits Nepse, down by 1.35pc

Investor sentiment hits Nepse, down by 1.35pc

With investors getting more and more frustrated with the government apathy regarding the concerns they have raised, the country’s sole secondary market has failed to rebound.

According to Uttam Aryal, chairperson of Investors Association of Nepal, the finance minister and his policies are to be blamed for the bearish trend.

Stating that shareholders have lost as much as Rs 500 billion over the past two years, he said “We need a clear perspective from the finance minister regarding the share market.”

As per him, while share investors were already wary of his flip-flop policies, the finance minister has recently been turning a deaf ear to the genuine concerns of share investors. “If the finance minister were to be replaced, the share market will go on a bull run,” he claimed.

Aryal further said that buying pressure has gone up slightly in recent days, but that this was all in the hope of the tenure of the current finance minister ending in a few months.

In the review week between November 17 and 21, Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index fell by 1.35 per cent or 15.35 points to 1,120.60 points.

Sensitive index also descended by 1.27 per cent or 3.18 points to 246.89 points. The float index also dipped by 1.27 per cent or 1.07 points to 83.27 points.