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Inflation increased by 8.3pc on YoY basis in November: CPI

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBOS) said that inflation increased by 8.3% on year-on-year basis in November 2020 as compared to 8.9% in the previous month and 12.7% in November 2019.

According to PBOS, the prices of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, chicken and vegetables rose during November with the highest price increase in urban areas being recorded in the price of poultry.

During November, price of chicken rose by 21.36%, tomatoes by 15.68%, potatoes 8.79%, onions 5.81% and vegetables by 5.63%.

The price of dried fruit increased by 4.38%, eggs 2.83% while LPG prices rose 10.31% during November.

During November, flour became cheaper by 4.83%, wheat 4.1%, pulses 3.54% and lentils by 1.94%. On an annual basis, potatoes became 56.11% more expensive in November.

On annual basis, eggs became 48.67% costlier, chicken 46.82%, wheat 36.6%, sugar 35.78%, pulses 26.12% and lentils by 22.61%. Tomatoes became 22.58% more expensive, onions 6.6% while fruits became cheaper by 3.59%.


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