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Indonesian Customs, BNN foil attempt to smuggling meth from Netherlands

Indonesian Customs, BNN foil attempt to smuggling meth from Netherlands

JAKARTA: The Indonesian Directorate General of Customs and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) foiled an attempt to smuggle meth from the Netherlands, which also involved a Canadian woman residing in Jakarta.

A joint team of the Directorate General of Customs in Jakarta, Pasar Baru Post Office, Jakarta, and the BNN has uncovered a plot to smuggle 100 meth pills in a package, which was sent from the Netherlands to a person with the initials “TS” in Jakarta, Head of Jakartas Customs Agency Hatta Wardana stated here the other day.

Wardana explained that the case unveiled when a suspicious package from the Netherlands arrived at the Pasar Baru Post Office.

The customs officer at the post office opened the package and found 100 blue pills with the “S” logo but sealed without any brand. He then sent a sample for further evaluation to the Examination and Identification Department of Customs Agency.

“The results corroborated the fact that those blue pills were methylenedioxy methylamphetamnie/MDMA or meth,” Wardana claimed.

Furthermore, the Pasar Baru Post Office has coordinated with the Jakarta Regions Customs Agency and BNN to organize a controlled delivery based on the packages recipient details.

Pasar Baru Post Offices Head of Customs Department, Yetty Yulianti, noted that the package was sent by Malissa Yansen from Amben, the Netherlands, to a West Jakarta resident with the initials “TS”.

According to the BNN spokesperson Sumirat, TS had been identified as a suspect along with her boyfriend whose initials are “LA”.

Both suspects had violated the Article 102 (h) Law Number 17 Year 2006 concerning Customs and Article 113 Law Number 35 Year 2009 concerning Narcotics.

Sumirat confirmed that TS is a Canadian woman, who has been living in Jakarta for the past 12 years. She fluently speaks in Bahasa Indonesia and works as an English teacher in an international school in Jakarta.

“We have thoroughly searched TSs apartment in West Jakarta and her boyfriends in Setiabudi (South Jakarta) and found 98 meth pills with the logo “S” and 5.5 grams of cannabis,” Sumirat reported.