Tuesday , November 24 2020
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India’s bid to affect Pak economy

India’s bid to affect Pak economy


India leaves no chance to demonize Pakistan whether it is its film industry, foreign relations, political chaos or economy. When there is any trouble in any discipline in India, it squarely blames Pakistan for it. The Indian government has now started demonetizing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes as a political masterstroke to stop the use of counterfeit money by alleged terrorists and curb corruption. India is geographically, ethnically, religiously and racially is a land of various regions and people in stark different to one another. They are united by force, but divided by ideologies. The local politics and is different from national politics and economy in one state is different from the next state. What all the Indian establishment wants is to continue a hostile posture against Pakistan to distract the attention of its so-called citizens from real issues. Poverty, disease, hunger and economic disasters fall on that land one after the other, but all the government efforts are to blame Pakistan for every wrongdoing in India. The latest overture by the Modi government is to stop “funding” from Pakistan to the terrorist groups in India. But as a matter of fact, Pakistan is unconcerned with internal affairs of India. Islamabad has only interest in Kashmir which is the part of Pakistan by default.

The Indian economy is in a shambles and it will have worse effect on the Pakistani economy as well as the two countries are major trade partners despite all odds. The sacred land of India has become a safe abode for criminals where black money rules and is used to make and break even the political governments. The sudden cancellation of the denomination is the internal matter of India, but blaming its action on Pakistan is unacceptable. According to experts, once the cash is crunched from the financial system, it tightens up the liquidity as cancellation of bigger currency notes is disaster not only for local business community, but also for the trade partners in the neighbouring countries. As a matter of fact, Indian Prime Minister Modi took the decision to impress upon the coming elections in Utter Pradesh as he wants to put his opponents in defensive mode. India routinely blames Pakistan for the spread of fake money without any proof or evidence. This time he chose to blame Pakistan for an internal matter. It is necessary for the government to tighten security on borders as it is feared that India will export fake currency into Pakistan as it has been doing for the last many years.

Indian spy network is very strong and active and has presence in every sphere of life in the country. The enemy is doing everything to get the desired results and is trying to stop the wheel of prosperity in Pakistan.