Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Indians working at QICT without permission of Interior Ministry a serious security threat: Advocate Sheikh Ghias

Indians working at QICT without permission of Interior Ministry a serious security threat: Advocate Sheikh Ghias

MULTAN: Huge number of Indians under the guise of shipping companies working without permission of Interior Ministry at Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT) are causing economic and national security threats due to their doubtful dealings. Interior ministry and security agencies must initiate verification process and enhance vigilance of these Indians working in different shipping companies to prevent any sort of terrorism.

It was stated by Advocate Sheikh Ghias Ahmad while talking to Customs Today about presence of Indian nationals at the QICT.

He said that Indians are financing terror activities in Pakistan by supporting separatist movements and banned outfit organization. Law enforcement agencies have overcome terrorism through national action plan and created peaceful business environment in Karachi and whole country. Pakistan is located in the most important strategic point of the world which shares its borders with Afghanistan, Iran, China and India.

He said security is one of the essential challenges for Pakistan due to large scale wave of terrorism in the region and according to present situation of international politics, national security and economy are interwoven with each other. He stated that ailing economy of Pakistan is also hurting the security situation and country is inept to relish the exact essence of “national security” without attaining a resilient economy.

He said national security and sound economy are mandatory for sovereign Pakistan and ‘we need to take courageous decisions to prosper our economy’. Illegal appointment of Indians at Pakistan’s strategic sea-port Qasim International Containers Terminal (QICT) without the Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) clearance is one of the serious security concerns for whole nation.

He expressed that relation between Pakistan and India has been strained due to Kashmir dispute and Indians have always played their dirty role in weakening our country. Indians promoted terrorism in the country by sponsoring terrorists to destabilize country economically and whole nation paid heavy cost of terrorism.

He said that ports are highly sensitive and strategic assets of the country which cannot be given in the hands of enemy and Indians are getting all exclusive and sensitive information through their Indian nationals working in Pakistan without permission of Interior ministry. He said that security agencies should detain Chairman Rizwan Sultanali Soomar and Director of M/s DP World Karachi Devang Mankodi to expose their evil plans.

He demanded of the government of Pakistan to deport all Indian nationals from Qasim International Container Terminal to secure strategic port from conspiracy of arc rival because their suspicious activities are causing huge loss to national exchequer. It was also revealed that Indians working in different shipping companies were involved in huge irregularities and smuggling of contraband items.

He appealed the Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa to take strict action against illegal appointment of Indians without security clearance of Interior Ministry to protect the country from any unwanted situation.