Saturday , November 28 2020
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Indians working at QICT without MOI clearance pose security risk: Qazi Jaffar

Indians working at QICT without MOI clearance pose security risk: Qazi Jaffar

PESHAWAR: The Indians working unlawfully at Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT) without the issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) might be a national security risk. The law enforcement agencies must hold the license of M/s QICT due to its operations without clearance of MOI.

Talking with Customs Today, advocate Peshawar High court Qazi Jaffer expressed shock at the presence of Indians working at key posts at the QICT.

He said DP World Group owned 75% shares of M/s QICT and appointed Indian officials at key posts in DP World Karachi who are operating Pakistan strategic ports, posing threat to national security of Pakistan.

Indian involvement could also be seen in increasing irregularities at the QICT where importers based in Pakistan got frustrated due to demands of extra demurrage & detention charges, the advocate added.

Advocate Qazi further said that the Interior Ministry should immediately start prob against the presence of Indian officials at QICT in any shape in order to safeguard the national economy & security. On one hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan is working hard to promote the positive image of Pakistan by engaging trade-friendly countries and on the other, Indian personals are allegedly allowed to work at such critical positions which could damage the economic reputation of Pakistan. Ports are sensitive assets which must not be given in hands of an arch rival like India.

The advocate added that the Supreme Court of Pakistan should take notice against the QICT as most of its shares are given in hands of enemies. He appealed to the Chief Justice to direct the government agencies like FIA and NAB to take action against such acts of QICT as discreet control of highly sensitive port could pose a serious risk to national security.

The advocate said in order to secure national economy, the government must stop Indian nationals to get information like in and out movement at the port which could be made possible only if people like Rizwan Sultanali Soomar, chairman and director of M/s DP World Karachi and Devang Mankodi a Director at DP World Karachi, are not allowed to control Pakistani ports.