Tuesday , July 7 2020
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India To Provide $80M For Afghan Projects: Official

India To Provide $80M For Afghan Projects: Official

In order to ensure the effectiveness of development projects on lives of the local population, the Indian government has pledged $80 million in aid to the Afghan government to help implement the projects within the framework of balanced development strategy.

An agreement for the aid package will be signed between the two countries next month, according to the Afghan Ministry of Economy.

The money will be invested in the villages across the country, particularly in those areas which have been deprived of development programs, said Suhrab Bahman, a spokesman for Ministry of Economy.

The projects will cover agriculture, irrigation, power generation, women empowerment and energy, he said.

“The new commitment by India is that this $80 million will be added to the previous $120 million package which will make $200. This time, efforts are underway to address the key necessities of the people,” Bahman said.

The Afghan government plans to implement at least 576 development projects until 2020. The projects will cost $200 million, according to the Ministry of Economy.

More than 344 projects have been implemented within the framework of balanced development strategy since 2005, Bahman said.

Critics said the government’s failure to implement development projects in the villages has led to a sharp increase in settlement from the village to the urban areas.

“Over the past several years, no programs in Afghanistan was implemented based on economic principles. Instead, all implemented plans have increased social gaps and they have undermined balanced development process,” said economic analyst Qais Mohammadi