Thursday , February 27 2020
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Imran’s call for tax non-payment to fail: Asad

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) spokesperson and Member Inland Revenue Shahid Asad said that Imran’s call for civil disobedience is an irresponsible statement which will not affect revenue operations.

He said that it is not possible that  someone could get any exemption from paying tax as you can’t argue with shopkeeper while buying daily commodities by saying that I will not pay sales tax as he will simply denied any trade with you. “Civil disobedience call will also not affect revenue collection as sales tax and import/export duties were deducted automatically on commodities traded or exported” he added.

Similarly, he said if someone refused to pay utility bills of gas and electricity, the distribution companies will cut off the connection of those consumers which will not be acceptable by anyone in present era.

Furthermore, he said according to 2010 NFC Award the 57.5 per cent of revenue collected will be distributed among the provinces so if one province fails to collect revenue it will affect distribution of revenue to that province and will be deducted from its share. He said this deduction will also affect its developmental projects as funds were not available in its PSDP for new and ongoing projects.