Thursday , November 26 2020
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Importers seek removal of impediments at AFU

Importers seek removal of impediments at AFU



The Chairman FBR,

Tariq Bajwa,



Respected Sir,


I would like to draw your attention towards the various issues being faced by importers and customs agents at the Air Freight Unit (AFU), Jinnah International Airport, as their problems are being multiplied with every passing day due to the pathetic performance of officials at the Examination Hall.

Importers, already paying hefty amount as customs duty and other taxes, are compelled to pay heavy amount as godown rent due to the dismal performance of examination officers and appraisers.

I would like to inform you that importers and customs agents are facing eight to ten days delay in clearance of their consignments by Customs officials at AFU, while terminal operators are also charging high godown rates from importers.

Furthermore, there is another matter of deep concern that pharmaceuticals and other duty-free vaccinations including life-saving drugs are kept in godowns of the terminals for several days without any proper precautionary measures and importers of pharmaceuticals pay millions of rupees godown rent to the terminal operators.

I request you to take appropriate and effective action in this regard in order to facilitate importers.


Yours truly,

Nadeem Kamil,