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Importers face heavy fines without fault

KARACHI: Importers have been facing heavy fines and surcharges for delay in grounding of containers at the Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT).

Sources told Customs Today that importers have been waiting from five to six days for the grounding of containers for examination during the last few weeks. “Importers were being fined for delay even the Karachi Customs Agents Group (KCAG) president has raised the issue with the PICT authorities,” they added.

An official of KCAG told the reporters that he had requested the PICT authorities several times for an early solution to the problem but nothing has yet been done to improve the situation. “The additional demurrage has also been causing problems for customs agents who were already facing increased questioning by their clients,” he said.

Officials of the PICT said that shortage of labour, less gantry cranes and top lifters have been the primary reasons for the long delay.


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