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Imported goods worth billions missing from EPZ Risalpur

Imported goods worth billions missing from EPZ Risalpur

PESHAWAR: Imported goods worth billions are missing from Export Processing Zone (EPZ) at Risalpur, revealed by investigation conducted by assistant collectors dry port Peshawar Ms Sadaf Ali Shah and Ms Jawairia.

The ground staff operation found M/s Kyoto Impex Pvt Ltd guilty for misuse of EPZ facility and illegal removal of duty free imported goods from EPZ at Risalpur worth Rs 238,828,426, endorsed by stock checking excise.

According to details Assistant Collector dry port Peshawar Sadaf Ali Shah and Miss Jawairia directed staff to exercise stock checking of operational and un-operational units at Risalpaur export processing units. Upon stock checking of M/s Kyoto Impex Pvt Ltd, the unit was found empty and the imported goods were missing. Customs staff recovered 200 kgs silk yarn instead of 25357.96 kgs.

Acting upon credible information from assistant collectors dry port Peshawar that M/S Kyoto Impex pvt limited located at plot 14 block-A Risalpur processing zone is involved in clandestine removal of duty free imported goods. The field intelligence unit Mardan along superintendent Arbab Shabir visited the premises of M/s Kyoto Impex with representatives of Export Processing zone.

The intelligence staff of Customs found that three consignments were imported by the same company at different times. The imported goods which were missing included 5480 kgs raw yarn silk brand GD no PEPZ-HC-2, raw yarn silk brand 7944 kgs GD no PEPZ-HC-28 and raw yarn raw white fabric GD PEPZ-HC -40, 11933.96 kg.

The Customs staff recovered only 200 kgs imported yarn which was available out of total 24877.96 kgs. The Customs staff found that only one export of thrown yarn hanks of 480 kgs carried out by M/s Kyoto Impex pvt limited. It was observed that the said company with others has clandestinely removed the duty free imported goods.

Director M/s Kyoto Impex pvt limited Gohar Ali, Javed Khan, Imran Javed and Salman Javed were arrested under section 168 of Customs act 1969 violation section 2 (s) 16, 131 &  178 Customs Act 1969 read with rules 225 to 236 of Customs rules 2001 notified vide SRO 450 (1) 2001 & section 3(1) of import /export customs act 1950 punishable under clause (1) (8) (10) of sub section 156 of Customs Act.