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Hyderabad I&I posts 167pc growth during December: Director Sadiqullah Khan

Hyderabad I&I posts 167pc growth during December: Director Sadiqullah Khan

HYDERABAD: Directorate of Customs Intelligence & Investigation has performed exceptionally well during the month of November with 167 percent growth as compared with the corresponding month of last year. The Directorate registered 13 cases worth Rs 40.602 million in the month of December 2019. Overall 105 seizures worth Rs 208.052 million have been made up till 2nd quarter of the current financial year (July – December 2019) with steep rise in its performance of seizing 36 number of NCP vehicles.
Talking with Customs Today, Director I&I Dr Sadiqullah Khan said that the Directorate covers an area of 137,134 kilometers and constitutes Regional office at Hyderabad and Range office at Sukkur with two mobile squads. During the last ten months since February 2019, 212 numbers of seizures worth Rs 449.407 million have been effected.
The Directorate conducted 9 joint operations with Civil Armed Forces (CAF), Pakistan Rangers. Moreover, in collaboration with local police the Directorate has also made a few seizures. During first 2 quarters, the Directorate collected Rs 70.542 from auctions.
The Directorate does not operate any check posts. However, there are number of check posts of various LEAs on the main highways. Besides highways, the smugglers use unfrequented routes and attempt smuggling in the cover of public transport and piecemeal activities. A survey was also conducted to trace major dumps of smuggled goods. There is consumption of Iranian goods, dry fruits from Afghanistan and transit items.
He said the routes from Jacobabad and Kashmore are commonly used for smuggled goods. Effective surveillance leads to making seizures at these routes resulted into considerable decrease in activity. The Directorate believes in concerted efforts to curb the menace of smuggling. Regarding the recent proposals, the Directorate is of the view that any strategy should involve capacity building, new recruitment, and logistic support. Border controls are pivotal to an anti-smuggling strategy. Once the smuggled goods enter the mainstream it is very difficult to apprehend because of multiple factors including public safety which makes policing an uphill task. Most of the people indulge as carriers who have no other opportunities of livelihood. The business community may also contribute by refraining from investing in smuggled goods. The cost of smuggling is considerably on higher side.
He said the magnitudes of smuggling is detrimental to national economy. Awareness campaign, import facilitation, trade liberalization and efficient enforcement with modern technology over short term and long term can reduce and control smuggling and movement of contraband goods. An inter agencies debate with other stake holders must be initiated to devise an effective anti-smuggling strategy. The newly established Directorate has significant achievements in establishing writ of law. The Directorate’s team comprises Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan, Additional Director Syed Naeem Akhtar and Deputy Director Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi. The diligent work force is performing at their best with the aim of achieving organizational goals and assigned targets.

Moreover, the Directorate has nominated focal person to coordinate with other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) in sharing of information. Due to concerted efforts of LEA, the smuggling has considerably reduced.
On a personal note, the Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan is author of six books of English Poetry which is internationally acclaimed. He is the most prolific writer of English poetry in the country.