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Hyderabad I&I adopts zero tolerance policy against smuggling: Director Sadiqullah Khan

Hyderabad I&I adopts zero tolerance policy against smuggling: Director Sadiqullah Khan

HYDERABAD: Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Director Saddiqullah Khan said that the Directorate launched the biggest crackdown on illegally imported POL products during 3rd Quarter of current financial year where the Directorate seized 366370 liters of Iranian origin smuggled diesel which could cause huge loss to the national exchequer.

Sadiqullal Khan, the first ever Director posted at Customs Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) Hayderabad talking with Customs Today during an exclusive interview said that Directorate has purposed to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for establishment of new Filed Intelligence Unit at Jacobabad region for controlling illegal activities of smuggled goods and narcotics.

The directorate of I&I is performing its duties throughout a vast area while facing shortage of staff, he said and added that presently the Directorate has 20 sepoys who are working under the long jurisdiction of the Directorate of I&I Hyderabad.

He notified that the Directorate comprises one Range office at Sukkur along with regional office. The Directorate of I&I Hyderabad was established in 2017 but it is now a fully operational Directorate where the small team works round-the-clock to monitor a vast area but efforts are being made to induct more staff to enhance performance and catch notorious elements.

Sadiqullah Khan said that the directorate has developed a close working relationship with Sindh Rangers and “we have conducted joint raids against smuggled goods and narcotics”. He added that I&I Hyderabad is continuing its drive against smuggling while it has seized huge quantity of smuggled foreign origin items worth Rs 147.919 million in 60 seizure cases during 3rd Quarter (Jan to March) of financial year (FY) 2018-19.

Telling about the goods seized during third quarter he said that the I&I Hyderabad seized 19 offending vehicles (vehicles used for carrying smuggled goods) worth Rs 37.96 million, 48840 kgs of foreign origin smuggled cloth worth Rs 37.37 million, 366370 liters of Iranian smuggled diesel worth Rs 24.76 million, 51801 packs of Indian origin Gutka worth Rs 21.451 million and 53580 kgs betel nuts worth Rs 10.633 million.

He further told that I&I Hyderabad seized smuggled 10 Non Duty Paid (NDP) and tampered vehicles worth Rs 5 million, 379 smuggled tyres worth Rs 4.2 million, Iranian origin smuggled glassware 20810 kgs worth Rs 2.27 million, 18 units of air conditions worth Rs 2.218 million, Iranian origin tiles worth Rs 0.48 million and seized other miscellaneous smuggled goods worth Rs 3.24 million.

The Director I&I Hyderabad said that the newly established Directorate also collected revenue worth Rs 18.942 million and deposited the same in the national exchequer. The Director said that the Directorate of I&I is making all-out efforts to curb smuggling and evasion of duty & taxes with modicum resources to monitor the vast area.

The Directorate collected Rs 13.380 million by conducting auctions of the confiscated goods. The staff and officers of Directorate have been directed to exhibit thorough professionalism, dedication and firm resolve to curb the scourge of smuggling, he concluded.