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Hyderabad Directorate of Customs Intelligence takes lead in IBOs: Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan

Hyderabad Directorate of Customs Intelligence takes lead in IBOs: Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan

HYDERABAD: Director Customs Intelligence & Investigation Dr Sadiqullah Khan said that intelligence based operations (IBOs) of directorate I&I (customs) regional are in full swing. The Directorate in its focus on anti smuggling activities has  strategized  the  use  of  effective intelligence  coupled  with  coordination with other agencies  which resulted in meaningful seizures.

During an exclusive interview with  Customs Today,  Dr. Sadiqullah Khan said the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-FBR (Customs) Regional Office, Hyderabad successfully conducted a number of intelligence based operations (IBOs) resulting into impounding of large number of Non-Duty Paid luxury vehicles and huge quantity of contraband goods. Pursuing credible information the team of the Directorate raided different locations in its jurisdiction. The operations were executed in coordination and assistance of Sindh Rangers.

In one successful intelligence based operation (IBO) undertaken by the Directorate of I&I-FBR (Customs) Regional Office, Hyderabad with the assistance of Sindh Rangers which cooperated by deputing their squads with uniformed personnel to accompany the Directorate’s Special Intelligence Unit (SIU) team and raided different locations in District Larkana and Jaccobabad on 28th July, 2019 to 30th July, 2019 resulting into impounding of 15 Non Customs Paid (NCP) smuggled vehicles, the highest number of vehicles seized in a single operation so far.

The Director said the Directorate in its focus on anti smuggling activities has strategized the use of effective intelligence coupled with coordination with other agencies, which has resulted in meaningful seizures and prevention.

During the last fiscal year, the Directorate made out 218 seizure cases as against 126 cases in the corresponding period showing an increase of 73% while the value of the goods seized are 62% higher than previous year recording Rs 412.003 million against Rs 254.261 million.

He said, in the period under review, the Directorate made seizures of Iranian POL 1,153,950 liters. A strategy has been devised with the law enforcement agencies to detect and curb the menace of smuggling of POL.

The Directorate conducted several operations jointly with District Police in various districts regarding non-duty paid vehicles. A total of 43 NDP/tampered vehicles have been confiscated as against 29 in previous year showing an increase of 48.27%.

He said that Directorate has conducted several auctions of the confiscated goods. A total of Rs 143.191 million has been realized through public auctions during the last fiscal year as against Rs 28.237 million in the previous year showing an increase of 507%.

With meager resources and staff shortage, the Directorate has a jurisdiction of around 137,134 Sq Kilometres covering the entire province of Sindh except civil division Karachi. It strategizes its operations with other agencies like Sindh Rangers and District Police. Recently established, it is extending the writ of law and making endeavors to achieve the assigned targets both in terms of prevention, effecting seizures and revenue realization.

Director Dr. Sadiqullah Khan appreciated the hard work and efforts of the ASO teams under command of Additional Director Syed Naeem Akhtar and Deputy Director Shah Faisal Sahu and Deputy Director Mukhtar Sheikh, superintendent Tariq Rafique, intelligence officer Syed Shafique Ali, Syed Zaigham Ali Shah and encouraged them to enhance the efforts to arrest revenue loss, and discourage the smuggling of non duty paid vehicles and contraband items.

He further emphasized joint efforts with other law enforcement agencies, which include information sharing and strategic planning to take effective measures against smugglers of contraband goods. These may include joint training sessions, combined operational activities and nomination of focal persons.