Monday , December 9 2019
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Hyderabad Customs reluctant to fill vacant seats

Hyderabad Customs reluctant to fill vacant seats

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Customs has failed to appoint new officers on many vacant seats tax officers even after passing 40 days. Also new appointed officers have yet not assigned duties and they are confused about their authority.
On the other hand, taxpayers were also facing difficulties regarding submission of their tax returns and other tax related operations because the shortage of officials. FBR has promoted Deputy Collectors to BPS 19 Additional Customs Collectors in Hyderabad Customs House but still they were not clear about their duties.
Moreover, many seats of field formation officers still vacant and no appointment has yet made on these vacant seats in spite of of complaints from taxpayers who were facing difficulties during their tax process.
The taxpayers have demanded the FBR to appoint new Additional Collector and Deputy Collector in Hyderabad Customs House so that their grievances could be lessened.
It is important to mention here that FBR has already faced Rs 42 billion loss because of prolong six days Eid holidays and now because of these vacant seats this amount will go on increasing every day.
The FBR acting Chairman Shahid Hussain Asad also shown his concerns over recent prevailing situation and said that there is wide gap between policies of government and their practical implementation.
He also reiterated the FBR decision to take strict actions against non taxpayers and to retrieve payable tax from them so that revenue collections could be enhanced to make country more prosperous and economically strong.
Previously, FBR has announced to promote 77 inspectors to the rank of Income Tax Officers (ITOs), however, 113 seats of ITOs were also still vacant and tax department was reluctant to fill the posts.
Federal Revenue Alliance Unions central president Abdul Qayyum hailed the promotion’s decision of the FBR, however he asked the chairman to fill all other vacant seats of ITOs.