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Hyderabad Customs generates Rs1176m during February: Collector Khalid Hussain Jamali

HYDERABAD: Collectorate of Customs generated Rs1176 million against assigned target of Rs1026 million during the month of February 2020.

Talking with Customs Today Collector Khalid Hussain Jamali has said that the Collectorate has surpassed the revenue collection target under the head of customs duty and sales tax assigned by FBR for the month of February 2020. The Collectorate collected Rs1176 million against the target of Rs1026.40 million which is 14 percent higher. The Collectorate has also collected 85 percent more revenue as compared to the revenue collected during corresponding period of last financial year.

He further added that Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of Hyderabad and Sukkur geared up anti-smuggling efforts which resulted in making more than 170 seizures of smuggled goods valuing Rs1085 million during the eight months of current Financial Year as compared to 145 seizures valuing Rs912 million made during corresponding period of last financial year which shows approximately 17 percent increase in number of seizure cases and 19% increase in terms of value. Special efforts were made to contain smuggling of Iranian diesel.

Resultantly 5 oil tankers along with 200,000 liters of smuggled Iranian diesel were seized and 3 persons were arrested during the 1st quarter of the current FY as against 2490 liters of Iranian diesel seized during corresponding period of the last F.Y.

In view of the seized/confiscated goods lying in the State Warehouses at Hyderabad and Sukkur, disposal of the same have been expedited and an amount of Rs219 million have been realized through auction of confiscated goods.

Besides, special instructions have been issued by the Collector for immediate auction of perishable goods so as to prevent the seized goods from deterioration due to prolonged litigation and warehousing and to secure the state Revenue involved therein.

Administrative measures for recovery of arrears and defend the case at legal fora, are also being focused vigorously.

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