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Hyderabad ASO impounds two vehicles & goods valued Rs10m
Additional Collector Rehmatullah Vistro

Hyderabad ASO impounds two vehicles & goods valued Rs10m

HYDERABAD: The Model Customs Collectorate’s Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) impounded smuggled items including two vehicles, betel nuts, contraband cigarettes, Gutka, electronic goods, dinner sets and crockery, body sprays, perfumes and other goods worth Rs10million during different operations in February 2017.

The ASO team, following instructions of Hyderabad Customs Collector Agha Shahid Majeed, conducted various raids in Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana to confiscate smuggled items under the supervision of headquarters Additional Collector Rehmatullah Vistro and ASO Additional Collector Umar Shafique.

The ASO confiscated smuggled goods including non-duty paid two Toyota vehicles worth Rs20 weighed 780 kg of betel nuts worth Rs425000, contraband goods of smuggled brands of 3790 dandies, cigarettes valued Rs2.4million, smuggled electronic goods worth Rs1.3million, smuggled Indian Gutka of all brands 9500 sachets worth Rs 95000, foreign origin30 dinner sets/crockery priced Rs240000, 2400 pieces of imported body sprays and 742 pieces of imported perfumes valued Rs842964.

The ASO officials also confiscated smuggled items including schoolbags geometry boxes, shoes and miscellaneous goods worth Rs2.6 during said period.

The ASO team, comprising Assistant Collector Mumtaz Ali, Assistant Collector Mumtaz Ghangro, Superintendent Ghulam Shabbir Phalphuto, Superintendent Sikander Akber Panhwar, Inspectors Asadudin Mirza, Iqbal Mugal, Nazim Ali, Shakeel Khan, Waqar Ahmed Baig, Ahmed Ali Shah, Karamullah Hujan, Syed Zagham Ali Shah, Mushtaq Ali Lakho, Sepoyes Essa, Abid Raza, Sadiq Ali Ahmed, Drivers Nisar Ahmdani and Khan, took part in the operations.

Talking to Customs Today, Customs Additional Collector Rehmatullah Vistro said the Hyderabad Customs showed excellent performance regarding the anti-smugglings during said period.

Officials said all possible measures will be taken to curb smugglings in the region as vigilance has also been enhanced.