Sunday , November 1 2020
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Hyderabad ASO confiscates cigarettes, cloth worth Rs 1.2m

HYDERABAD: The Customs Anti-Smuggling Organisation (ASO) Hyderabad has seized 24 cartons of cigarettes and 255 kilograms of cloth worth Rs 1.2 million involving duty/taxes amounting to Rs 85,400.

According to the details, ASO team following the instruction of Collector Model Customs Collectorate Hyderabad Dr. Ahmed Mujtaba Memon conducted raid in the region to curb smuggling.

Under the supervision of Additional Collector Umer Shafique, ASO team comprising Inspector Shafique Muhammad Jamil, Waqar Baig and others intercepted a vehicle near Railways Station at Kottri and recovered 24 cartons of foreign origin cigarettes worth Rs 960,000 and 255 kg of cloth valued at Rs 267,750.

After making the seizure report, the ASO tea deposited the confiscated cigarettes and cloth in state warehouse, Hyderabad.

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