Thursday , January 21 2021
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HP introduces number of new software for Mobile App Development and Management

HP introduces number of new software for Mobile App Development and Management

NEW YORK: HP has introduced a number of new software that utilizes HP’s assets in big data analytics, application lifecycle management, IT operations management and security. Businesses can use HP’s solutions to accelerate application delivery, test and monitor apps across multiple devices and operating systems, and provide mobile users with secure experiences.

Measure the Health of Mobile Apps with App Pulse Mobile

HP has released a new offering, App Pulse Mobile that leverages the HP Haven big data platform to allow developers to gain visibility into the health of their mobile apps and measure overall user experience. App Pulse Mobile constantly monitors and analyzes performance, stability and resource usage on mobile apps. The tool provides a “FunDex” score that provides a top-level view of problems that negatively impact the user experience with recommendations to explore and fix the root cause of each issue.

New Agile Project Management Software

HP has released a new version of its Agile project management software to assist mobile teams in adopting Agile practices. A new version of HP Agile Manager supports real-time integration with HP’s Application Lifecycle Management software so that no matter how fast Agile teams deliver, they can have data-driven insights that facilitate quality assurance with each release HP’s Application Lifecycle Management simplifies the task of defect and test management across mobile dev and test teams and extends support across a wide array of browsers and platforms.

New Functionality for Testing

HP has delivered new updates to its mobile testing software designed to help automate performance and functional testing and manage the mobile test lab to accommodate for network behaviour, regardless of constraints. Updates include:

– A new version of HP Mobile Centre which speeds and simplifies app testing on real devices supporting both native iOS, Android and hybrid applications including common JavaScript frameworks such as JQM, Angular and Sencha, and adds support for seven different languages (English, French German, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese).

– A new version of HP Network Virtualization, with an enhanced user interface and updated performance optimization capabilities that help app development teams incorporate real mobile network conditions in development and testing, ultimately enabling the delivery of apps with an ideal user experience.

– A new version of HP Service Virtualization provides critical capabilities for driving mobile development without delays, by extending support for popular protocols such as Web sphere MQ, SAP RFC/IDOC.

New Performance and Analytics Solutions

HP has unveiled new performance engineering solutions designed to help teams continuously scale mobile apps in the face of peak user loads and maintain availability and responsiveness. These include:

– Supporting mobile performance testing, new releases of HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Centre are now integrated with HP Mobile Centre, giving mobile QA and development teams’ continual access to real devices in their performance test scenarios.

– New updates to HP’s cloud-based load testing service, HP StormRunner Load, improve performance analytics; extend international geographic coverage to create local load, and supports additional native languages (adding both Chinese and Japanese). HP StormRunner Load’s user interface makes it easy to scale both web and mobile load tests to over one million virtual users.

– To help deliver secure mobile applications, HP provides application development and testing that infuses security into coding and testing processes. The new releases of HP Application Lifecycle Management solutions are fully integrated with the HP Fortify application security suite, which is designed to assess and test security at every step of the application development lifecycle, and is continually updated with state of the art algorithms and programming practices.