Thursday , October 29 2020
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Hearing of heroin smuggling case against Czech model adjourned

LAHORE: Additional Sessions Judge Ali Raza has adjourned the hearing of the heroin smuggling case against a Czech model.

As per case details, model Tereza Hluskova was arrested by Customs officials at Lahore airport while trying to smuggle 9 kilograms of heroin. She was on three-month family visa to Pakistan. During inspection, it was revealed that she was carrying nine kilogram heroin with her.

An alleged facilitator of the women named Tariq has also been arrested. According to the accused facilitator, Tereza was sent by his brother’s friend and it wasn’t her first visit. The model in her statement said that she was in Pakistan for modelling purposes and did not know who placed heroin in her luggage.

The court indicted the Czech model in the heroin smuggling case but she pleaded not guilty before the court. During the hearings, the prosecution told the court that the accused along with her partner Shoaib Hafeez got a house on rent from Ishaq. But the lawyer of foreign model told the court that there was no record of getting any house on rent.

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