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HBO’s Game of Thrones to take main characters from North

HBO’s Game of Thrones to take main characters from North

LONDON: Telltale Games sent another adventure for its upcoming Game of Thrones, based on the world of the HBO show, which implies the story’s unknown main characters will be from the North.

The company behind the critically acclaimed Walking Dead game sent the image it includes quotes from author George R. R. Martin’s latest book, A Dance with Dragons, with some words bolded for emphasis.

The teaser also includes a house sigil for a house that fans are unfamiliar with, rather than one like Stark or Targaryen. Telltale’s previous teaser, posted on social media in late August, features a list of houses; Forester has been set apart in a larger font.

The Foresters are a minor house that is sworn to House Glover, which is a Northern house sworn to the Stark. They are only mentioned once in the books, and are never mentioned in the show. It makes sense for a company that creates story-driven games to focus on an unknown house so the writers could flesh out the game world to beyond what viewers have already seen.

While Telltale Games is quick to point out the game is based on the HBO show, rather than the Song of Ice and Fire series, fans of the books know a lot happens in the North after Stannis Baratheon shows up to clear out the Widlings. We could be getting a story that centres on the period of time before the Red Wedding and the Grey joys attacks on the North, because it’s unlikely the game would spoil the show for fans by moving much farther ahead than in the story.

Telltale has confirmed the first episode of its Game of Thrones game would be out before the end of the year, and five episodes would make up the game’s first season.