Tuesday , September 29 2020
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Haulers say no to new Truck Appointment System

Haulers say no to new Truck Appointment System

KARACHI: The All Pakistan Customs Bonded Carrier Association (APCBCA) has expressed deep concerns over the introduction of Truck Appointment System (TAS) on all imports from Afghanistan and upcountry deliveries.

In a letter to C stated that the newly introduced TAS would surely increase unnecessary delay and result in huge financial losses to the traders. He said that the APCBCA was not taken into the confidence before introducing the said Truck Appointment System (TAS).

He further stated that the service charges which have been introduced in TAS were unnecessary because the terminal has already been charging for handling of cargo.

Burney was of the view that the said development will only increase the cost of doing business as the vehicles will have to wait for two days since day time travelling is not allowed for most of the vehicles of transshipment and transit which amounts to about 14000-15000 containers per month combined.

In the letter, the APCBCA requested the authorities to stop the enforcement of the TAS for the betterment of the trade.

It is pertinent to mention here that the DP-World Karachi has recently introduced a Truck Appointment System (TAS) for all imports from Afghanistan and upcountry deliveries. It would allow the QICT to provide unparalleled services to its existing and prospective customers by allowing them to avail extended storage, guaranteed faster truck turn-around times and providing them with round the clock support.

According to the authorities of DP-World, the TAS will also help the customers to take deliveries on their preferred/pre-selected time slots.

The DP-World also stated that the customers would also take deliveries of those Afghan/upcountry bonded cargo during daytime only as they do not have any restriction on day time movement.

On the other hand, this initiative would mean DP-World will be in a better position to handle within the city cargo which has a daytime movement restriction thus serving all customers.

The DP-World in order to facilitate the customers following services will be offered including extended storage-up to 1900 hours savings of up to Rs 1700, faster turnaround time within 60min savings on truck fuel cost, assisted deliveries through TAS and truck parking area—which will serve as a safe parking area for trucks.

The DP-World will also impose a service charge of Rs 400 per full container on all import Afghan and bonded upcountry deliveries.